Make African Rules Great Again!

Today, my fellow bloggers will be writing about the top 10 African House rules. Their posts will be great. So great. You will love them. I, however, because I am so amazing and creative, will not be doing that, I will be standing by the wayside, waiting to prettify the rules they’re writing that you’ll want to be part of your own home. Now, or one day…

So, let’s get started with ideas on how to make the rules look cool, and the people who can do it for you. Whether you want to frame them in the house, or wear them on a hoodie, the following people will get it done!!

Do you want them written on… a Chalkboard?

Source: Liz Marie Blog

You can also DIY! You can buy a piece of cardboard, or stiff board, and paint it with blackboard paint. Blackboard paint is available at Bamm Stationers. If you want fancy lettering, you can call Tito the chalkboard artist. His number is 0772 636 998.


Grab random pieces of wood and make the rules there:

Source: Pinterest

Albida Crafts can do that for you. Find them here:

120 Churchill Ave
Tel: 0772412750


Make your family wear the rules as clothes:

Source: Teezily on Pinterest

Wes Magoo Apparel does custom apparel, so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind writing down those 10 Home rules onto t-shirts, hoodies, everywhere, so no one can claim they forgot!

To order, send a message on their Facebook Page or SMS/call/Whatsapp 0773 157 004.


Do you want them as wall decals?

Source: Wise Decor on Pinterest


How about printed on canvas?

Source: Tatertots & Jello on Pinterest


Or maybe a poster:

Source: Indulgy   on Pinterest


Frame. Each. Individually:

Source: Etsy on Pinterest

A number of companies can do the last ones, so I decided to write a few down here:

  • Dariro Mode
Africa House, 100 J.Moyo Avenue. Between 3rd/ 4th Steet
Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel:077 235 2791
  • Graphtec (We Print)
8 Victoria Drive
Tel: (04) 776723 / 746206 / 746977 / 788308 / 788309  –
Cell: +263712601342 or +263778459000 or +263778459529 or +263775528416
  • Dzines
Tel: 077 738 5938
Our household rules range from those that make sense, to those that make you want to roll your eyes. At least, you can make them look nice. And it would be a great hand-me-down to your kids.
How are you planning on making your house rules memorable? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

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