Day 17: My Family’s Staple Meal… Scratch that… Staple Food.

I wanted to get all fancy with this post and write a recipe for one of our usual dinner favourites. However, if you remember this post I wrote for Beaton, you know that I’m not going to lock myself down to recipes. I will wing it until it tastes good. So that messed up my entire post.

I decided to write about our staple food instead, because I can then stick loads of photos of meals that looks somewhat similar to what I make.

Rice. Our staple food is rice.

We love it in so many ways!


Fried rice



Rice and chicken with coleslaw (We all know what that looks like, am I right? *cough* weddings *cough*)


Or egg salad

Source: Damn Delicious


Or scrambled eggs on top

Source: thelatinkitchen


Rice with peanut butter (yum yum!)



Rice and milk for dessert, or when you’re too lazy to cook.

Source: Ignacio Castaño


That’s my family and me. What is your family’s staple meal? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time… your Quarter Wife



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