My AfroBloggers Twitter Takeover!

So yesterday I took over the AfroBloggers Twitter account for the entire day. I had the time of my life, interacting with other African bloggers, and seeing what they’re blogging about. It’s so amazing to see that even though the African continent has different countries, languages and cultures, it has shared experiences that make us one. This post made me feel like I was reading a blog by a Zimbabwean, but she was talking about her experience in Namibia.

I’m awestruck by the amount of sheer talent the continent of Africa has, and it needs to be showcased more. Below are links to some of the blogs I discovered during my Twitter takeover. Read their blogs, like, subscribe and comment. Let’s continue the conversation between us.

Maonero Angu

Shona Boy Conglomerate

Thoughts in the AM

Literally Black





Sosa Sharon

Skincerely Clare

They are not even the half of it! You can also check out the bloggers I follow; I followed a few yesterday, and the AfroBloggers’ tweet and see for yourself some of the bloggers of Africa.

If you know of any other blogs you think I’d love, please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time… your Quarter Wife.

2 thoughts on “My AfroBloggers Twitter Takeover!

  1. It’s amazing isn’t it, I love how you get to see no man is an island, whatever you are going through someone somewhere is probably experiencing it and writing it down just like you are, only that you just haven’t read them yet, thank you for sharing these blogs checking them out already…..
    we need more of this


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