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Day 30: We Made it!!

Day 30!! I did not think this day would come, but we're here! Started from the 1st, now we're here. Disclaimer: I will be writing off the cuff, and will publish this unedited, so please excuse the typos and the corny Drake references. I see two already... I'm highly embarrassed... but not really! I'm jumping… Continue reading Day 30: We Made it!!


Day 3: My Totem

Today’s topic is Children born out of Matrimonial homes. I’ve realised as I was writing it, that I was asking the same questions I asked in this post. It’s an important topic, the topic of identity, because it affects our so-called illegitimate children. Do they walk around without a semblance of identity just because there was no marriage there when they were born? It’s an issue worth discussing. Enjoy reading this again, and I hope the questions burn in your heart like they do in mine.

The Quarter Wife

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write; I mean, all I had to do is to write a few words on how I’m of the fish totem (Hove/Save/MaSiziba), copy and paste our praise poetry, and brag about how we’re so awesome. Heck, if we were in Game of Thrones, we’d be House Tully. That weakens my “awesome” argument, you know, since it seems fire beats water *sob sob*… but that’s my totem, and I am proud.

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Once the Game of Thrones fan-girling wore off, and I started to write this post, I ended up with more questions than answers when it came to my totem, and totems in general. I’ll post all the questions I couldn’t shake off, and maybe we could get a real conversation started:

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Do people truly embody the personality of their totem, or are they conditioned to?

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Fitness #Challenge: A Challenge

I decided to re-blog this for Day 16, because this sums up my fitness journey… I don’t have one. I know what I want to change, what habits are bad that I need to let go of, and I go for it. Fitness challenges give me a boost so that I can make it into a lifestylle. My update so far:
I still love sugar… I’m having trouble with this one. I think I’m gonna let go slowly instead of going cold turkey.
Water! I think I have won!!
Exercise… I’m still dying, but I’m getting there!

The Quarter Wife

There’s a YouTuber I follow, her name is Tee, her channel is nappyheadedjojoba, and I freaking love her! She is smart, she is sassy, and her natural hair is to die for!! She is goals! Her channel is real; it makes me feel like I’m catching up with an old friend, and I’m cringing internally because we are making so much noise. I also follow her blog, you can check it out here. Now that I’m done gushing about her (I love her so much guys… okay, now I’m done!), let’s begin!

So nappyheadedjojoba has started a fitness challenge I decided to take up as well. It’s called the #SeptemberSHRED Health and Fitness challenge. It started on the 21st August, and will run till the 1st of October. Watch her video here to check out the rules. For those who don’t have bundles (he he he…), the rules are…

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Where to Get: Free Counselling

Today is Day 14 of the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge, and as we are talking about mental health, I felt this would be a good post to repeat. If you need help, don’t be hindered by money, you can get counselling and therapy for free. Let’s address mental health in our African society, let’s end the cycle of shame. Enjoy.

The Quarter Wife

I’m writing this after hearing that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, passed away yesterday, in an apparent suicide. Hearing about this brought feelings that I thought I had dealt with to the surface. This man and his band got me through rough days, opened me up to a friendship with a fellow Linkin Park lover, and this friend of mine and her family became the second family that helped me survive university. Whenever we had rough days, we’d listen to Hybrid Theory, and somehow be pulled out of our depressive funk. I got my own support system from them, and it is time for me to help you have a support system when you feel your lowest, and all the music in the world is not helping:

  • Friendship Bench Project

logo-269x300 Source:The Friendship Bench Project

They offer their services at each primary care clinic in Chitungwiza, Gweru…

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