Where to Get: Pampered in Zim (Part 2: Rest of Zim)

Finally! Part 2 is out!! For those who do not live in Harare, but also want to pamper themselves here and there, here are a few suggestions for you: BULAWAYO The Haven Relaxation and Beauty Spa 281 L. Takawira Ave Khumalo Bulawayo Tel: (09) 239673 0776 980 615 They also have branches in Victoria Falls… Continue reading Where to Get: Pampered in Zim (Part 2: Rest of Zim)


Where to Get: Free Counselling

I'm writing this after hearing that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, passed away yesterday, in an apparent suicide. Hearing about this brought feelings that I thought I had dealt with to the surface. This man and his band got me through rough days, opened me up to a friendship with a fellow… Continue reading Where to Get: Free Counselling


Where to get: Pampered in Zim (Part 1: Harare)

I was browsing through Twitter a few days ago, and TeteHumba's tweet made me realise that I have not begun to live my best life just yet!! Hi #Twimbos I'm looking for a reasonably priced Beauty Spa in Harare? Any suggestions? RT for awareness@263Chat — TeteHumba 🇿🇼 (@TeteHumba) July 8, 2017 I went through a mini-crisis:… Continue reading Where to get: Pampered in Zim (Part 1: Harare)


Breastfeeding: What every African mum should know (part 2)

My Professional & Personal Encounters

Im my previous post (which I encourage you to read if u have not), I introduced the topic of breastfeeding with a focus on an African mother. I discussed the technique of breastfeeding, introducing supplementary feeds as well as formula feeding. As promised I will conclude that discussion in this second part, which is just a continuation, by discussing breastfeeding for mothers who are HIV positive as well as the process of weaning.

Breastfeeding and HIV/AIDS

In Zimbabwe we have made great strides in reducing the transmission of HIV from mother to child. We started off with incidences as high as as 50% before the era of antiretroviral treatment to current ones of close to 5% (which is still coming down). HIV can still be transmitted during breastfeeding and in other settings mothers choose not to breastfeed as a way of protecting their babies. Makes sense doesn’t it?

In Zimbabwe…

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Breastfeeding: What every African mum should know (Part 1)

My Professional & Personal Encounters

Breastfeeding is not unique to African mothers and neither is it a new thing, however many issues around this simple act of feeding a baby are unique to Africa and they warrant discussion. After working in a neonatal as well as a paediatric unit for a few years I have noted with great concern a lot of beliefs, myths, misconceptions and fears that should be addressed, mainly because most of them do more harm than good.


Breastfeeding is not merely holding a baby to the breast so that they feed. A lot of first time mothers get this wrong, a fair number of experienced mothers get it wrong as well. There is a correct way of positioning a baby on the breast and every mother should take time to learn it, ask your nurse or doctor to show you before you take your baby home, if you are…

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