Where to Get: Free/Low-Cost Breast Cancer Screening in Zimbabwe

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Zimbabwe affecting women (according to 2012 statistics, the third most common, after Cervical cancer and Kaposi's Sarcoma), and the third most common cause of death among those cancers. It's such a devastating disease because women tend to present when it's too late. The heartbreak when… Continue reading Where to Get: Free/Low-Cost Breast Cancer Screening in Zimbabwe


Day 30: We Made it!!

Day 30!! I did not think this day would come, but we're here! Started from the 1st, now we're here. Disclaimer: I will be writing off the cuff, and will publish this unedited, so please excuse the typos and the corny Drake references. I see two already... I'm highly embarrassed... but not really! I'm jumping… Continue reading Day 30: We Made it!!

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Day 29: You’re Toxic, I’m Slipping Under

Whenever I hear the word, "toxic", Britney Spears' song Toxic comes to mind. Today's topic got me listening to the song again. It's a bit corny, but the beat is catchy, and remains one of my favourite songs from my university days. A few lyrics caught my attention and I realised they were highlighting signs… Continue reading Day 29: You’re Toxic, I’m Slipping Under

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Day 28: Beating the Pots

Cohabitation is called kuchaya mapoto in Shona... which I translated literally to get the title for my post. Cohabitation has become normalised in the media, with it being a seemingly necessary step to the relationship, before or replacing marriage. Very soon we'll hear of move-in proposals and the like, and the industry will make loads… Continue reading Day 28: Beating the Pots

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Day 27: Dating While Parenting

Marriage is an adventure on its own, meshing two people with different experience into one flesh. It's a whole different ball game from dating, when you can pretend you're perfect. Marriage is the entire human being, flaws and all, all in your space, and getting to navigate two personalities into becoming a cohesive unit. In… Continue reading Day 27: Dating While Parenting


Day 3: My Totem

Today’s topic is Children born out of Matrimonial homes. I’ve realised as I was writing it, that I was asking the same questions I asked in this post. It’s an important topic, the topic of identity, because it affects our so-called illegitimate children. Do they walk around without a semblance of identity just because there was no marriage there when they were born? It’s an issue worth discussing. Enjoy reading this again, and I hope the questions burn in your heart like they do in mine.

The Quarter Wife

I thought this was going to be an easy post to write; I mean, all I had to do is to write a few words on how I’m of the fish totem (Hove/Save/MaSiziba), copy and paste our praise poetry, and brag about how we’re so awesome. Heck, if we were in Game of Thrones, we’d be House Tully. That weakens my “awesome” argument, you know, since it seems fire beats water *sob sob*… but that’s my totem, and I am proud.

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Once the Game of Thrones fan-girling wore off, and I started to write this post, I ended up with more questions than answers when it came to my totem, and totems in general. I’ll post all the questions I couldn’t shake off, and maybe we could get a real conversation started:

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Do people truly embody the personality of their totem, or are they conditioned to?

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Day 25: Am I Feminist or Womanist? It Doesn’t Matter to Me.

It does not matter really whether I'm a feminist, womanist, or whatever -ist there is until we as women can tackle this one thing: why do women dislike each other so much??? Makaitah wrote about this subject so beautifully in a post of hers, and it hit a nerve. It is so true. Women are so… Continue reading Day 25: Am I Feminist or Womanist? It Doesn’t Matter to Me.

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Day 23: Tell ME What to Wear?

Is my significant other allowed to police what I wear? NO. The police are very unpopular in my nation now, and when I hear "police" I think spot fines, and unnecessary rules which change whenever they like. No. My significant other is allowed to have an opinion on what I wear however, and the opinion… Continue reading Day 23: Tell ME What to Wear?

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Day 22: How Not To Be THAT Person… the Natural Hair Edition

When I went natural in January 2015, natural hair was a new-ish phenomenon in Zimbabwe. Besides the mapostori women with their short hair, very few people wore their natural hair out. Because of that, I kept my hair in a wig for a good 2 months, and then braided it up constantly until I decided… Continue reading Day 22: How Not To Be THAT Person… the Natural Hair Edition