So… I got the Butcher Box from AMP Meats…

Hi all! I have a bizarre fear of buying meat at a butcher's. I'm afraid that I will get the wrong meat, or the cut of meat that I want won't be available, and I would've travelled for nothing. For that reason, I only buy meat on demand, which is equally straining. I had heard… Continue reading So… I got the Butcher Box from AMP Meats…


Beef Stew With Herb Dumplings

*I had meant to write this post yesterday, but I was so stuffed after making dinner, I could barely walk.* My Quarter Wife is not a fan of sadza, it's just not her thing, so I promised her I'd get her a nice winter recipe that does not have sadza and nhingi. I have found… Continue reading Beef Stew With Herb Dumplings