How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

  Today, we're going to talk about doing a breast self-exam. According to international cancer guidelines, it is optional to do a breast self-exam, but it is important to be aware of changes in your breasts. To those who want to learn how to do a breast self-exam, here are detailed instructions I got from… Continue reading How to Do a Breast Self-Exam

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Day 27: Dating While Parenting

Marriage is an adventure on its own, meshing two people with different experience into one flesh. It's a whole different ball game from dating, when you can pretend you're perfect. Marriage is the entire human being, flaws and all, all in your space, and getting to navigate two personalities into becoming a cohesive unit. In… Continue reading Day 27: Dating While Parenting

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Day 11: My Favourite Zimbabwean Haircare Brands

Hair. A woman's glory. Her obsession, sometimes. When our hair is short, we want it to be longer, when it's long we want it to be even longer. People are making money over "length check" tshirts, where you can check how long your hair is growing. There are hair-growth seminars, meet-ups, elixirs, you name it.… Continue reading Day 11: My Favourite Zimbabwean Haircare Brands

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10 Zimbabwean Songs on my Road Trip Playlist.

I love music. The end. If I were to introduce myself to you like this, you'd know 80% about me. Events in my life have a "soundtrack". For example, if I'm travelling, I listen to "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz nonstop. A song I'm singing can clue you in to what season I'm in in… Continue reading 10 Zimbabwean Songs on my Road Trip Playlist.

Fashion and beauty

Day 6: Naturals, Naturals Everywhere!

On Saturday, the 2nd of September, I went to a Natural Hair Spring Festival, hosted by Kinks & Fros and Langa Cosmetics. The vision behind it was to model it after the annual CurlFest held in the States, where naturals all over get together, and be fabulous! With food, music and some freebies of course!… Continue reading Day 6: Naturals, Naturals Everywhere!

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Day 5: I’ll Plan for my Parents Now

Today's topic on the #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge was: are your parents included in your retirement plans? I realised that they are not, because I never did plan to "retire". See, in my line of work, if my faculties are still all right, I could work till I die. One of my lecturers, Professor Levy, worked and… Continue reading Day 5: I’ll Plan for my Parents Now

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Day 4: How not to… be THAT person.

I know we all know THAT person. Once I start describing him/her, you'll be side-eyeing someone close by, rolling your eyes, and probably walking away from this blog, because that one memory will creep up, and will make you want to throw something. Let's get into it. THAT person is the one: Who will ask… Continue reading Day 4: How not to… be THAT person.

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Make African Rules Great Again!

Today, my fellow bloggers will be writing about the top 10 African House rules. Their posts will be great. So great. You will love them. I, however, because I am so amazing and creative, will not be doing that, I will be standing by the wayside, waiting to prettify the rules they're writing that you'll… Continue reading Make African Rules Great Again!